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The Client Management Solution (CMS), is a custom CRM for Driving Under the Influence and Substance Use Disorder, treatment programs. 

Here are a few of the many amazing features the CMS has to offer: 

  • Live Virtual Services Roster Signing

  • Subscription-based model, Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Electronic client files

  • Private Staff and Client eFiling Cabinet

  • Shared Company eFiling Cabinet

  • Client Email

  • Client SMS Texting

  • Online Payment Integration (PayPal, Clover, Square, and Stripe)

  • SUD Assessment (SSI-SA SAMHSA TIP 42)

  • Treatment Plan (ASAM)

  • Time-saving, revenue-generating automation (Posting Late Fees, Sending Monthly Statements, Suspending Clients, Sending Payment Reminders and Suspension Notices)

  • Cost For Services report (Quick and Automated, Calculations.

  • Pre-Enrollments

  • Title 9 Compliance

  • State Reporting (State Quarterly Forms)

  • County Reporting

  • Online Meeting (Zoom) Invite

  • Transfer Out (Enhanced State Forms)

  • Subscription-based model, Software as a Service (SaaS) – The CMS is hosted on a Blazing Fast, Secure, and Reliable Cloud that can be accessed on any Windows PC or MAC from a browser or downloadable app, whether you are in the office or at home providing Telehealth Services.

  • Electronic client files - Progress Notes, Contracts, SUD Assessments, Transfer Outs, Treatment Plans, Etc, are saved in the CMS and can be accessed and printed at any time.

  • Private Staff and Client eFiling Cabinet - Clients and staff have a private efiling cabinet where they can save documents. Shared Company eFiling Cabinet - All staff can save, and share documents. You can upload files into any of the eFiling Cabinets, this works well when you want to save client Intake Packets, DMV / Court documents, or any other documents you want to save or share.

  • Client Email - Sending your client Schedules, Payment Schedules, Progress Reports, LOA Request forms, Monthly Statements, Financial correspondence, Etc by email, is a breeze. It is, as easy as printing a document and all emails are saved in the client’s eFiling Cabinet.

  • Client SMS Texting - This is an excellent feature for direct communication with your clients. This helps with continuity and communication to support your clients to remain in compliance and complete the program. (Premium Service)

  • Online Payment Integration - When your clients make payments using an online payment processor such as PayPal, Square, Stripe, or Clover. The Payment Transactions can be automatically imported directly to the CMS for easy posting to your client account. (Premium Service)

  • SUD Assessment – The SSI-SA SAMHSA SUD Assessment has been added to the database. Once saved, it can be accessed and printed at any time.

  • Treatment Plan – A standard Treatment Plan that is based on the ASAM criteria has been added. Once saved, it can be accessed and printed at any time.

  • Time-saving, revenue-generating automation – Send multiple Monthly Statements, Payment Reminders, Suspension Notices, and 30 Day Hold Notices. You can also post Monthly Fees, Late Fees to your client accounts. Automations may be sent by Email, Text, or Print.
    Cost For Services report - This is the simplest, most accurate, and most detailed report, you will find in the industry. Detailing all the services that have been transferred in, activities attended, including ancillary fees, and any adjustments that have been made to the client account.

  • Pre-Enrollments - Pre-Enroll your clients to track, send correspondence, and support them to enroll within their allotted time. This is also helpful if you need to send failure-to-enroll notifications, if or when necessary.

  • Title 9 Compliance – The CMS will track, the total days from the last activity, length of time in the program, absences, required activities, etc.

  • State Reporting - State reporting has never been easier with the integrated quarterly state forms, prefilled and ready to send.
    County Reporting - County reporting is just as easy with various integrated county forms, whether you are needing a monthly or quarterly report, and based on program fees or total collections.

  • Online Meeting (Zoom) Invite – Zoom invite information can be added to each activity and will be attached to any client schedule.

  • Transfer Out – Enhanced state Transfer Out forms have been added for Enrolled and Non-Enrolled transfer outs. Once saved, it can be accessed and printed at any time.

  • Live Virtual Services, Roster Signing – How it works is that the client will go to the GDC Database Services secure portal and register and/or log in to their account. Once logged in, they can select their activity and sign in for their attendance. After that, the SUD Counselor can print the roster with all client signatures (all client signatures will be on the same document), but the client will only see their name when signing. (Add-on Service)


The CMS Database is an excellent system for providing live virtual services, reducing compliance issues, and most of all, saving your company money and increasing your revenue with all the automated features.

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